Quality and expertise are our guiding principles

LuminoChem Ltd was founded by chemical engineers with wide international experience in R&D projects and chemical industrial syntheses. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing novel and nowhere available photoactive materials and markers which are applicable in the security printing industry and for origin protection. 

Security Printing

Are you fighting against counterfeiting and interested in origin or brand protection? Nowadays, damages resultingfrom product and brand counterfeit are causing increasing problems to the original manufacturers.

Industrial applications

Our pigments are widely used in many industrial area as paints, special printing inks, crack detection, colouration for papers, or “fingerprints” in origin or brand protection.


LuminoChem developing and producing novel fluorescent cell dyes for click labelling which are acceptable for FRET application and reversible fluorescent ion indicators which could be used for measurement of intra- and extra cellular sodium ion concentration.

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New water soluble NIR absorbing dye is available!


With the new water soluble near-infrared (NIR) absorber LUWSIR3 LuminoChem has opened the door for a completely new range of applications in the NIR using technologies, such as brand protection, transparent credit and identity card production, anti counterfeiting packaging, medical and biotechnology and OLED production.

Nanotechnological research
and Luminochem

LuminoChem is participated in a FP7 project (Marie Curie program) which aims to develop of Novel Nanoparticles for Novel Industrial Applications.